Sexuality and Jewish Law

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Rabbi ari enkin


In his Sexuality and Jewish Law, Yaakov Shapiro, an ordained rabbi and non-conformist Lubavitcher chassid, offers a thorough, unapologetic, and uncensored presentation of everything relating to sexual activity and Jewish law.

All rabbinic texts that deal with sexual matters are cited along with the interpretations and comments of all the relevant rishonimachronim, and poskim...

Rabbi Dr. Marc Shapiro

I want to call readers’ attention to a new book recently sent to me by R. Yaakov Shapiro. Its title is Halachic Positions: What Judaism Really Says About Passion in the Marital Bed, available here. This is the most detailed book there is on halakhah and marital sexuality. In many ways it is designed to counter a lot of the stringencies that have arisen over time and which the author feels are non-halakhic...

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Rabbi Rafi Ostroff & 
Talli Rosenbaum, MSc, Sex Therapist

“Halachic Positions: What Judaism Really Says About Passion in the Marital Bed” is the cleverly chosen title of a new book recently self-published by Yaakov Shapiro. It is the first volume in a promised series of more books by Shapiro about sexuality and Jewish law, which are the result of the author’s self-described search for a “balanced approach in Torah.”

Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin

Halachic Positions: What Judaism Really Says About Passion In The Marital Bed is a new book by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, the first in a proposed series entitled Sexuality and Jewish Law: In Search of a Balanced Approach in Torah. It is a fascinating, though very intricate, discussion of the development of halachah in this area.




The Joy of Text

Rabbi Dov Linzer &
Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus


The Joy of Text Podcast - Season 2, Episode 1: The Sex Signals Episode

How can you use your flower arrangements to signal to your partner that you want sex? How does the commandment of tzniut affect women’s sexuality? What sex positions are halakhically permissible? Learn the answers to these questions and more on the first episode of Season Twoof The Joy of Text! In this episode we respond to a listener’s question about wives initiating sex, talk to Yaakov Shapiro about his book, “Halachic Positions: What Judaism Really Says About Passion in the Marital Bed,” and introduce our newest segment of The Joy of the Text – “The Final Word.”